35 Years in Fine Dining

This past month marked a milestone for The Lark – the beginning of our 35th year in business. Considering the fact that only about one in 50 independent restaurants lives to see a tenth anniversary this is quite an accomplishment. When the restaurant opened in 1981 the economy was in turmoil; the 1981-1982 recession was the worst economic downturn in the United States since the Great Depression. One might say that my father was foolish for opening a high-end restaurant during such trying times but he had the will and gusto to make it through.

When asked about why he opened The Lark my father has several reasons, most importantly his love for food, his desire to perform as the ultimate host and his will to share his culinary vision in a magical way with others. In creating the restaurant the ambience was equally important to the food.  My mother, Mary, is the soul of the restaurant and the creative touch to everything one sees – the fresh flowers around the room, the art hung on the walls, the charming garden, even our Gien plates. It’s the combination of my father’s Teutonic management style and my mother’s artful touches that makes The Lark the special place it has come to be.

Thank you for all your warm wishes for these 35 fabulous years. We’ve enjoyed serving all our cherished patrons, whom we are pleased to call friends and without whom The Lark would not exist.

Click below to read an article by the Detroit Free Press about our anniversary.

The Lark Celebrates 35 Years

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One Response to 35 Years in Fine Dining

  1. Chef Jesse Gordon says:

    I’d Like To Thank The Lark Family & Chef John Somerville For Taking Me Under Their Wing Early In My Culinary Career. I’m Now A Corporate Chef In Indianapolis, Indiana But I Know If It Wasn’t For You Guys Giving Me That First Big Chance @ The Lark I Would Have Never Become A True Foodie. Chef John… Love Ya Man !

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