Salt-Baked Shrimp

Salt-Baked Shrimp

Please join us for our upcoming small plates nights, April 15th-17th. House specialties, such as our famous Salt-Baked Shrimp, will be offered along with new creations from Chef John at pocket friendly pricing – most $8-$14. Fabulous food shared with friends in beautiful surroundings – a perfect way to welcome in spring. We hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to Salt-Baked Shrimp

  1. Angela Wilson says:

    I used to be a patron/customer when I lived in Michigan. I miss the quaint dinners and the trolley in the dining room. I also miss the newsletter that john would publish. I have learned much from the writings and experience of you all. I was so happy to read about “Chilean Sea Bass”, that the real name was something like Patagonian Tooth Fish. I have not eaten any since I researched and got a little history. The point of all this babble is to say that you all did a fine job and I miss your culinary delights. I especially miss the bread with the salt on it and the curried duck salad. What is the name of the bread that you all served and hopefully still prepare? It was as if it were fried and salted. Thank You ,
    Angela Wilson
    Saint Petersburg, FL. 33711

    • adrianlark says:

      Hi Angela! Thank you for the kind words 🙂

      We all love the bread too, sopaipilla, a frybread similar to that served in Mexico. We still serve it with our meal and diners love it!

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